ROTO T1/48 V Elettra

Type of machine: Vertical rotary injection moulding machine

Commodity sector:  Structural Foam, Corks

ROTO T1/48 V EL stems from the need to produce “T” corks with automatic loading of different size of plastic and wooden cap without mould changing.

The machine, equipped with 48 moulds for the injection of the leg only, uses the cap as a sort of cover; its positioning is made through a double pneumatic slide, a suction cap picks up the insert and drops it onto the upper side of the carousel. During the injection process, a pneumatic cylinder mounted at the corresponding station, ensures the necessary clamping.
The horizontal pitching plasticizing unit is equipped with a vertical nozzle head, injecting from the bottom.
The press is “fully electric”, the drives of the “transfer” injection unit are with electro-motor driven by frequency converter for the plasticizing unit and with brushless motor for the injection cylinder
This machine can produce also “T” corks without caps as well as wine corks; it is possible to set different parameters on a certain number of stations and this allows to run two different kinds of cork at the same time, divided after the ejection process.