ROTO T2/45 XLS Elettra

Type of machine: Horizontal rotary injection moulding machine

Commodity sector:  Structural Foam, Corks

Fully electric injection moulding machine with 45 stations rotary table for the moulding of plastic foamed stoppers (for wine and spirits), suitable to process 2 different materials/colours at the same time.Two cavities mould-holders with linear + upwards hinged pneumatic opening / closing, suitable to fit 90 single cavity moulds totally. Mould-holder suitable to a 52 mm mould diameter. Mould-holder table protections prepared for conditioning unit. Electric driven screw revolution. Injection phase with electric actuator. Adjustable injection speed. Pneumatic system for cork ejection and separate unloading on one side of the unit. Air ejection and pneumatic sprue puller.