Commodity sectors

Brooms and brushes

Machines for industrial and house broom bases

Shoe market

Machines for the molding of shoe parts

Co-injection – Sandwich

Machine for co- injection / sandwich moulded parts

Presse per lo stampaggio di manufatti in gomma


Machine for crosslinking material processing

Household appliances

Vertical clamping machines for moulding of household appliances parts and accessories


Rotary injection moulding machine for rubber


Injection moulding machines for thermoplastic resin corks for enological use


Machine range for manufacturing of multicolour/multimaterial items


Machines for recycled material moulding

Special rotary machines

Range of presses for peculiar parts manufacturing


Machines for double colour and/or material wheel moulding

Road traffic management/ home & urban design

Machine for road traffic management/ home & urban design items moulding

Liquid silicone

Injection presses for liquid silicone

Solid silicone

Composite plants for solid silicone moulding

Moulding on insert

Machine range or plants for the overmoulding

Structural Foam

Machine range for semi-foamed material moulding