ROTO T4/48

Type of machine: Horizontal rotary injection moulding machine

Commodity sector:  Structural Foam, Corks

96 station rotary injection moulding machine. Each station has two cavities mould holder. Electrical driven injection units with accumulation piston inline with tool axe. During one injection process the machine produces 4 different parts such as wine corks and/or “T”-corks in 2 and 4 colours using different materials.
In both cases the cycle time is between 1,8 and 2,2 seconds, obtaining an hourly output of around 5000/7000.
A perfect injection is guaranteed by an accumulator placed inside the machine base. Cooling circuit inside the mould-holders. Combined rotary-linear pneumatic mould opening.
Thanks to this kind of mould opening a manipulator can be added for insert loading or to obtain double colour corks. The latest combination results from the translation of the moulded cap from a cavity into the next one. Pneumatic ejection of ready parts.

The rotary table is placed in a conditioned cabin to prevent condensation effect.
Corks weight tolerance is +/- 0.1g, the sprue weight – one for each cork – is reduced to 0.12/0.14 g.
is reduced to 0.12/0.14 g.
Operator/machine interface by touch-screen monitor from which all injection parameters, alarms and memories are controlled. Software by Presma.