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  sample of an article made by structural foam injection
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of an article
made by structural
foam injection.

Structural Foam Moulding is used to produce bulky items overcoming warping, cracking, shrinkage and much of the built-in-stress found in conventionally moulded thick components. The surface aesthetic imperfections associated with structural foam moulding often require a finishing operation by painting, laquer spraying, dipping, veneering or covering with fabric materials unless these surface imperfections are exploited to obtain a wood-like effect trough colouring process.

The "piggy back" injection system extensively used by Presma is the perfect touch in structural foam. A preset quantity of material is extruded into two punching cylinders under subsequently injected directly into the cavities of the mould through two or more nozzles.

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  Scheme of a nozzle for structural foam injection
Scheme of a nozzle
for structural foam

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