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by co-injection.


sample of realization of an article made by co-injection


Coinjection, sandwich or two-component moulding, is the technique of injecting two materials, one solid and one with chemical foaming agent, into a mould in a programmed manner through the same injection nozzle in order to produce a thick moulding with a solid outer skin of regular plastic and an inner core of structural foam. This technique substantially overcome warping, cracking, shrinkage and much of the built-in-stress found in conventionally moulded thick components. Coinjection or bi-component mouldin represents the best system of producing thermoplastic items having a section of 5 mm. or more (0,2 inch or more), but requiring a smooth glossy surface.

Considering that first quality material is needed only on the outside, and that second quality material can serve as a filler, there can be important savings. Furthermore, in making coloured items, colour concentrate is needed only for the outer component thus reducing also colouring costs. Coinjection is performed with the "Presma" patented injection head by engulfing first quality material with less costly material.

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  scheme of a two-channel nozzle  
Scheme of a two-channel nozzle

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